Bondi Rights Management LLC is a sales agent and distributor that manages film portfolios. We place films, television shows, documentaries, and shorts on VOD and SVOD platforms, market the titles, and remove pirated copies from the internet. With offices in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina, our dedicated team makes streaming your works easy and cost-effective.
VOD (Video on Demand) and SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand) make movies and television shows available online for paid streaming and download, such as Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, Crackle, Vudu, Xbox Video, and many others.
The digital distribution market has grown exponentially in only a few years. While many companies have shied away from streaming their films due to the initial expense and preexisting piracy, digital sales has outpaced DVD and Blu-Ray sales since 2012. Bondi fixes this problem by taking all of the financial risk and responsibility, allowing production companies to now stream their films.
While online piracy can never be fully eliminated, we search for and remove copyright infringement from popular United States-based streaming websites and search engines.
Bondi markets films to popular film websites and blogs. Improved SEO, widely available trailers, and online sources create new paid viewers.
Depending on the film, television show, documentary, or short, some distributors are more preferable than others. Some are better at gaining fans while others will pay better per viewing. Bondi determines what digital distributors to target, and when, to create a successful distribution campaign.
Bondi provides more services than any other distributor or sales agent, while working entirely on commission. It could potentially take years for a single work to recover initial aggregation and encoding costs charged by other companies. In conjunction with monthly fees charged by other companies, many films may never be profitable.

Bondi forgoes these fees for films, television shows, documentaries, and shorts we believe have a quality, long-term value. We develop a distribution strategy, negotiate licensing agreements, find and remove illegal versions of your work, and perform international and United States intellectual property compliance, strictly on commission. We are the only company that offers these premium services while offering clients the security of never losing money on distributing a film.

Yes, for larger portfolios. If your works are already widely distributed, or if your company simply wants to stop ongoing piracy, Bondi offers our advanced piracy monitoring without distribution services. Please see our services page for more information.
No, Bondi does not offer a minimum guarantee. While it may be common for a theatrical distributor to pay a minimum guarantee for the rights to distribute a film, sales agents, or more specifically a digital distributor, do not pay minimum guarantees. While the theatrical distributor will earn the majority of their money in a few weeks, digital distribution may not become profitable until years into an agreement.

Nothing. Bondi offers risk-free rights management. Thanks to our commission-based billing, we are motivated to get the best deal for each work, and never charge a client outside of our standard commission.

Do not risk losing money by using a different company.