Bondi is your best, easiest, and most economical option for monetizing your works.

Bondi is a full service rights management firm specializing in developing a successful online market for all films, television shows, documentaries, and shorts. Old, new, animated, and foreign works can be effectively marketed and distributed to VOD and SVOD services. Bondi does all the heavy lifting: aggregation, encoding, marketing, negotiation, accounting, piracy monitoring, compliance, and sales. Avoid paying upfront costs, making costly strategic mistakes, struggling with online piracy, and missing out on some of the best platforms for your films.

Bondi was the 2011 brainchild of founder and CEO Matt Chambers, Esq., who unsuccessfully tried to find a legal way to purchase a specific holiday film. Instead, the only result was a pirated version on YouTube. The next year, he found the same result. In fact, the same video was still on YouTube, with thousands of more unpaid views. After setting out to fix this problem, Bondi has expanded to offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in both foreign and domestic titles, looking for new and creative ways to distribute and market films, television shows, documentaries, and shorts.

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    Bondi works strictly on commission. Don’t pay upfront fees that can take years to repay when you can instead earn profits today. If we fail to earn you a single paid view, Bondi simply provides years of free piracy monitoring.

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    Exclusive or Non-Exclusive

    Bondi offers both exclusive and nonexclusive agreements, providing either our lowest rate or the lowest risk for copyright holders.

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    Distribution Strategy

    Bondi has spent years developing customized distribution strategies intended to provide the highest returns over the course of the licensing agreement. We try to push consumers to the most profitable VOD and SVOD services.

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    Piracy Solutions

    Bondi has developed multi-pronged piracy solutions, finding and removing pirated versions of your works from popular websites. We ensure the highest profitability by preventing consumers from viewing your works for free.

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    Online Marketing

    Bondi markets and advertises your films, enabling consumers find your films through search engines, social media, streaming websites, and blogs, and are linked to profitable digital platforms.

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